Birthday Wishes

The dirty thirty is creeping up on me faster than I would like to admit. Thirty is a scary one, I feel like at thirty I am legitimately an adult and I can’t blame things on just being in my twenties; young and crazy. I am hoping to just sleep through the entire day and wake up the day after still being twenty nine. I should really get over myself and be thankful for all the wonderful things I have in my life, but I only want to pout and eat junk food! I’m sure this will be a present free birthday as I just got beyond spoiled at my wedding and on my honeymoon, but that doesn’t stop me from having a bad case of the “I wants!” Which brings us to my birthday dream wish list.

Gorgeous Prada suns, you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses!

Prada_Women's-Timeless heritage_Rounded_cat_eye_sunglasses

I’m dreaming about this beauty, seems so versatile and I definitely need it in the Ebene canvas.


I live in Lululemon gear, I go running about 4 times a week and work out with my trainer once or twice a week. I could have the biggest shopping spree in there.


I’m in love with the colour of this jacket.


I can’t get enough pairs of wunder unders, and they have so many great colours now.


Super want this tank.

I know I just got back from my honeymoon but I’m already dreaming of our next vacation! Somewhere super beachy where I can swim in warm waters and lay out all day!


If I was on a tropical vacation right now I’d be wearing this dress!


I’m obsessed with fringe bikinis, I wish I lived somewhere I could wear one all the time! This red L’SPACE one is super cute.


Ahhhh, I’ll just keep dreaming of all these little treasures!

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