Cheers to the Weekend!

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So far I have had such a great weekend, the weather isn’t very agreeable, so a lot of it has been spent inside. Friday night I was on evenings so that was a write off. I planned to get up early on Saturday and go for a run but I slept in a lot! We had a belated birthday brunch for my good friend Lindsy so I set my sights to pinterest to find a good morning recipe. Lindsy is full obsessed with Starbucks, which I don’t really understand because I’m a Second Cup girl, but I decided to remake one of the Starbucks treats for her bday. I literally get all my recipes from pinterest, I have zero original ideas in my head. Sometimes I modify them but they can always be traced back to pinterest. High five to the person who created pinterest, it is the best thing that ever happened to this world! You can follow my boards here. I settled on the pumpkin spice scones, you can see where I stole the recipe from here.

Scones are pretty easy, my biggest hints for them are to use cold butter and do not over mix. Scones are not sweet, they are more savoury. This recipe has a glaze which really updates the sweetness factor, so if you like sweet – add it, if you don’t – omit. I think it makes them extra special though. They turned out great!

aal 001 (2)

I made them on Friday and stored them in an airtight container, then three hours before I went over to her place on Saturday I put them out on a plate uncovered so they would be firm. Coffee and a pumpkin scone, perfect for a cloudy Saturday!

aal 007 (2)

Even my cup loves the scones! I got that mug from my sister at my bridal shower, I love cute and unique coffee cups, that one is from Human Touch.

This is definitely a fat girl weekend because that night I went to see The Heat (can we just discuss how good Sandra Bullock looks?! She is 49…..49!!!! She’s had help I’m sure but it is well done. Get it girl!) and had popcorn with salt and vinegar flavouring. If you don’t like your popcorn with S&V flavour I can’t talk to you. Then the next day I had my sister and her boyfriend, as well as my grandma over for brunch, and we all know how I feel about brunch. Back to pinterest I go for a recipe! Cinnamon Roll pancakes? Sounds delicious. The recipe is from this blog, which has a bazillion recipes if you ever need ideas. I knew these could get messy fast, the pictures on the blog are so perfect, I was sure I was in for a pinterest fail. First panckake – major failure. Totally broken in 5 places. My poor husband offered to eat it though and said it was still delicious (surely a lie to spare my feelings!). After a couple I got the hang of it, now I’m basically an expert. The key I think is the piping of the cinnamon filling and flipping at the right time. The reciped says to let them sit for 2 to 3 minutes on med low heat, but I kept it at medium and let them sit for at least 3 minutes before flipping.


Obviously not as good as the creator of the recipe, but not bad for a dummy! Once you add the glaze you’re basically eating a flattened cinnamon bun, but clearly that’s what makes it good. Dessert for breakfast. It got rave reviews around the table.

aal 012

My Nana is so nutty, but I love it. When she was over she told me….

a) I look better as a blonde, and she made it known in no uncertain terms that she did not like the current colour

b) That I should cut my hair because I’m “not 18”

c) That I should be pregnant by now, she thought I was 28 and when she clued in that I’m thirty she was horrified that I was this old without kids. I know I’m old, ok Nana!!!!

She has no filter, but this was nothing, she is normally ten times more outrageous.

aal 040

You guys, I am a full on bull in a china shop this weekend. In the last few days I have spilled a bag of flour, a full glass of crystal light, I spilled the popcorn at the movie last night, when I was making coffee this morning I poured half the water onto the counter, I was cleaning out the fridge drawers and spilled most of the water down my leg and not five minutes ago I was sprinkling cinnamon on my oatmeal and I dropped the whole container in my bowl and oatmeal went EVERYWHERE! Oh my god AND, this morning I was driving and I HIT A BIRD! Yes, I hit a bird. They were on the side of the road and suddenly one flew out directly in front of me and I was going 100km and it didn’t get out in time and smoked the side of my bumper. I instantly started crying. I am no fan or birds but I don’t want to be a bird murderer! I asked my husband if I should call the police about it and he thought that was hilarious. And my friend Breanne said the coyotes would get it and it was probably disease infested anyway. But seriously, what do you do in that situation? Call the police, animal control, the county, go back and take it to the emergency vet, drive away???? I don’t know! I left it, I know I’m an awful person. There is probably a special hell for bird killers where mutant birds peck at you and flap their wings wildly on you all day, err day.

They’re coming for me.


I am cleaning out my office for the big redo (which is slow going, oddly enough having sangria on the patio is a lot more fulfilling than cleaning) but the bonus is finding things you forgot you had and are still totally cute! I found these babies that I haven’t worn in probably 5 years minimum and I don’t think I even wore them much when I got them, how wasteful.

suns 001

Cute, right? They’re Gucci.

After this weekend of this extreme eating, I am getting back on my clean eating path. I have been doing a lot more strength training so I am trying to stay off the scale since it can be really misleading, but last night I wore some shorts that felt kind of uncomfortable and that is always a bad sign. I have been kind of lazy with my runs though, like not pushing myself, so I need to get back at that too. I love a treat as much as the next girl but after a lot of bad eating I just feel overall not good. A friend emailed me the other day asking for running tips for a beginner, going back through what I did when I started out actually helps me too because sometimes getting back to basics is the kickstart I need. This is what I told her, maybe it can help some others new to running.

“When I was marathon training I would do one day of really long slow and steady run, like way slower than my race pace. Then three days of varied interval training. The key with interval training is to cut down your recovery time. Like try running for two minutes and only walking for 30 seconds. Slowly bring up your running times. When I train on the treadmill I do one day where I run three minutes at 6 and two minutes at 7.5. Obviously I worked up to that but you get the idea. Then another one I do is power walk for a minute, jog for 2 minutes, full out sprint for thirty seconds, repeat. Usually the one with sprints I only do for half hour, the others I do for an hour. I usually have it on a 2 incline. Running is hard on your body so make sure to have two rest days and one day of strength training. Also, get a heart rate monitor. And if you eventually want to race then start running outside, the treadmill propels you as you are running so when you get outside you will struggle, especially when you factor in the terrain and enviro. If you just want to be a better runner and get fit, the treadmill is fine. Good luck!”

Legs of a young man running

Run like the wind kids! I hope you had a great weekend!

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