Mini Fiesta!

I love Mexican food! If it wasn’t so calorie laden I would eat nachos and enchiladas everyday! I have made stuffed peppers a few times with different types of fillings, like turkey or vegetarian. This time I did a Mexican chicken stuffing and I think they turned out really delicious. They are so easy to make!

august 12,2013 012

I also grilled them on the bbq, which gave them a distinct flavour and is a really fast way to cook them.

Start by pre cooking some brown rice and set it aside. I used two cups of cooked rice for this recipe. Also grill a full breast of boneless, skinless chicken. When I was grilling the chicken I chopped up half a yellow onion and finely chopped a jalapeno and grilled that separately in a splash of olive oil. When the chicken is cooled enough to handle shred it into pieces that are quite small and add that to your rice, like so….

august 12,2013 001

Add your grilled onions and jalapeno to the rice and chicken. Now you can start measuring out your beans, salsa and corn.


I used just over 3/4 cup of black beans (I rinse and drain them because I don’t like the bean juice) and 1/2 cup of corn. I also added one cup of medium spice salsa. Put it all together with your rice mixture.

august 12,2013 006

When I am choosing peppers at the grocery store, I pick the ones that are the shortest and widest, especially wide at the top, this makes them really easy to stuff. Then I simply cut all around the top edge and pull the seeds straight up and out. Just make sure you get all the seeds out.

mini fiesta2

Scoop your mixture into the peppers, I used an ice cream scoop to do so. Leave a little bit of room at the top so you have room to sprinkle cheese on top. Brush your grill with a smidge of olive oil and set it to medium high heat. Place your peppers directly on the heat, but space them so they are not touching. Close the lid for ten minutes.

august 12,2013 010

After that ten minutes is up, move them to the upper grill so they are off the heat and grill for 5 minutes, after five minutes sprinkle with cheese. I used the tex mex blend. Close the lid and cook for another 5 minutes to finish warming the insides and melt the cheese. You’re done! So easy! Serve with multigrain chips and salsa.

august 12,2013 011


august 12,2013 015

*This recipe was the exact amount to fill 5 peppers.

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