Little Black Dress

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It is a well known fact that every woman needs a good little black dress. Does anyone have as hard a time as me finding the perfect dress? I got this dress years ago and I don’t like to wear it that often because I’m scared to wear it out and not ever find another black dress I like as much. This is the perfect one for me. Good length, girly bow, pockets (I love a pocketed dress surprise). And I especially love that it is so demure in the front but has a sexier feel in the back. A black dress is such a great canvas to accessorize. With this look I only added a fun shoe but you could go crazy with bangles and earrings. I’m still getting used to my short hair, whenever I run my hands through it I’m expecting more hair at the bottom. But it feels way better and I was so ready for a change I’m glad I did it. I’m also on my way back to blonde and so happy about it, I am accepting my blonde fate. I went to Calgary to visit a girlfriend over the weekend and we did a really fun and easy breakfast recipe I’ll blog about asap. It’s starting to get way cooler at night so I’m beginning to think about my fall wardrobe wish list. It is extensive of course. I love summer, but I also love getting into fall clothes. I try to stay away from the malls at this time of year because of all the back to school madness. When the a mall is extremely packed it literally gives me anxiety. I much prefer to shop during slow times , like a Tuesday morning in October. If only it would only get as cold as fall here instead of plummeting into the minus 20 range. Why do we live in this land? I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Dress: Theory (no longer available)

Shoes: Betsey Johnson (similar here)

Lips: MAC Angel

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