Daytime Date Time!

It’s so easy to get in the habit of always going to lunch/dinner and to a movie for all your dates when you’re in a marriage/relationship, isn’t it? Plus, I am such a huge homebody that making popcorn at home and watching Netflix is my idea of a dream date. But, my husband and I both had a day off, and decided it would be the perfect time to go to The Telus World of Science. It was even more fitting because we are huge Harry Potter fans and the exhibit is in it’s final weeks. We have been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal in Orlando so this was a great addition to that experience. No photography was allowed in the exhibit which I thought was heartbreaking, so we did a little science tour to some other exhibits to snap some pics. It was really fun and I would recommend going if you’re looking for something fun to do outside of your regular dates. My outfit was the definition of casual and comfy, and we are still in major sweater weather here.

space (4)

You can call me Al the science gal.

space (6)The only picture we were able to nab of HP, in the gift shop. If you go to the exhibit though, you can see lots of the costumes, props and sets, and if you do the audio tour you can get some behind the scenes info on where they got the ideas and inspirations from.

space (2)

space (16)

Heading down “Mystery Avenue” where we learned all about how science helps to solve crimes!

space (15)

space (17)

Just doing my part of the investigation!

After the science adventure we went for a little coffee date and it was a really fun day. I love finding new date ideas, but I’ll always love snuggling down at home the best!

One thought on “Daytime Date Time!

  1. Harry Potter exhibit= my dream date!! Although I feel it is best to go alone so none can interrupt you while you are listening!! So I did! Ps that sweater is to die!!!

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