Dinner at Eight

It can be tough to get a group of friends together when everyone is so busy and has such different schedules. My husband and I are really lucky that we have lots of couple friends that make up a big group to hang out with. Although there were only 6 of us last night it was so nice to hang out and eat tons of sushi! Plus I bought this new jacket I am obsessed with so it was a perfect excuse to wear it! And of course I buy any top I find that has Mickey or Minnie on it!

March 22, 2014 032

March 22, 2014 046

March 22, 2014 037

March 22, 2014 027

March 22, 2014 035

March 22, 2014 047

March 22, 2014 049


March 22, 2014 045

Looking at these pictures and seeing how much snow we got in late March makes me so sad! I can’t wait for summer. I want to wear shorts and sandals! Have a great weekend everyone!



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