A Christmas Face

My office is having our Christmas party tomorrow and I was trying to get inspired with how to do my make up. Since I’m a nurse I don’t wear very much make up to work, and even though I don’t wear scrubs because I work in the community,  I never wear a full face. For work I just put on a tinted moisturizer, a little contouring, mascara and of course fill my brows. I’m usually a neutrals girl because I tend to have allergic reactions to a lot of pinks and purples but I’m so obsessed with the Pantone colour of the year for 2014 – Radiant Orchid (a fancy name for pinky-purple).


But Christmas makes me want to do a red lip! I’m convincing myself that the inner part of the orchid is the colour, not the lighter leaves, which is bringing me to choosing this lip! A Christmas red – radiant orchid combo!

December 6 003 December 6 010

The lip is Purple Rage by MAC.

With such a strong lip I wanted to stick with a pretty simple eye as to not look too ‘lady of the night.’

December 6 001

I used MAC White Frost all over my lid and MAC Satin Taupe which is a grey with a bit of a purple tinge in the crease, the outer V, and the lower lid. Find them both here. And since it’s a Christmas face I added a little grey sparkle to the centre of my lid in Sephora’s Babydoll Nightie. I lined my water line in NYX’s jumbo eye pencil in Milk. I also use NYX products for my brows, I use the true taupe shadow and the eyebrow marker in medium. I really like the NYX products and they are soooo affordable, I use their primer too. As always I used Lancome L’Extreme in black, which I can never turn my back on, I absolutely swear by this mascara.

December 6 002

December 6 005

If you want to see my face makeup and contouring routine please go here. I’m really feeling the purple! I think I’m going to do my nails in the real radiant orchid! Check back later to see what outfit I paired this makeup with!

December 6 008

Have fun at all your Christmas parties! Go glam!

Ramblings of a Sick Person

I have been seriously under the weather the last few days. Nauseous, throwing up, dizzy, shaky, headaches – the works. There are a few things that make me feel better when I am sick, or at least mentally they make me feel better!

Hot Chocolate


But obviously with a thousand more marshmallows. I usually don’t even drink all the hot chocolate, I just eat all the hot chocolate soaked marshmallows and what’s around those. Once the marshmallows are done, I’m done with the drink.

Archie Comics



There is nothing like an Archie Comic. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t read them. When my sister and I were little our Dad would take us to the Wee Book Inn and we would trade all our Archies for ones we hadn’t read. Whenever I am having a bad day and feeling sorry for myself, I buy an Archie Comic. Betty and Veronica Double Digest is obviously the best. I know I’m thirty years old but they just make me feel good. I will force them on my own children for sure.

Shopping Online

This is especially fun because you can do it sitting on your ass in sweatpants, and you don’t have to talk to any sales people or try anything on when you feel crappy. Sweatpants are up there with things that make me feel better as well. I am starting a new job in a week and a half (really excited!) and it’s business casual. I have a lot of dresses and skirts that would be appropriate but I will still be doing a lot of skills (this new job is in home care) so pants are definitely in order. I’ve been browsing a lot of that kind of work stuff, but mostly bags, shoes and accessories I really can’t afford right now! Some of my fav sites are shopbop.com, revolveclothing.com, saks.com, asos.com and I think I’m on neimanmarcus.com in this pic. Did you know Saks is coming to Canada? The Bay bought it.



I really can’t remember a time when I didn’t get migraines, I’m just really prone to them. When I was going through puberty I would get them once a month. Anyone who gets them knows there is nothing like the pain of a migraine. Usually when I get sick a migraine comes along with it, and yesterday was one of those days. I get really, really bad and intense aura before the pain comes and sometimes I think that is worse then the actual headache. It starts out as a kaleidoscope effect in my right eye and gets bigger and bigger until I basically lose all my vision in that eye and part of my left. I get really confused and I just become so out of it.


The only thing I have found that ever truly works for me to get rid of a migraine is this analgesic called Mersyndol. It’s got codeine in it and I’m pretty sure it’s part muscle relaxant part pain killer. It knocks me out almost immediately, but when I wake up the migraine is gone. I haven’t found anything else that can get rid of it. Yesterday I took one and slept for three and a half hours. The last few times I have had a migraine I’ve been getting this pre aura aura. Like I get this weird sensation an hour before that something is wrong, and a wave of like, sheer panic. Is that prodrome? Has that ever happened to anyone other migraine sufferers out there? Thoughts?

On a happier note, I have a couple current obsessions.



I don’t know where this stuff came from or what it’s deal is, but I LOVE it! I got it for $2.50 at Save on Foods (that only got me two applications though).  It’s a deep conditioner, and since I wash my hair so infrequently I almost always deep condition. Just make sure to really rinse or you wil have issues with build up. This made my hair really soft and managable, and smells good. I would definitely recommend.



I used to really dislike Victoria’s Secret lotions. I thought there were cheap and not moisturizing. But I tried their ultra mosturizing ones and they are nice and thick and lock in moisture. I don’t know if these are new or I just discovered them but I’m sold. This Grapefruit and Red Lily is my current favourite. They also have a Lemon Escape scent that I am a fan of, but I love citrusy smelling lotions.



IN LOVE!!! This is Chloe’s Marcie Medium Stud. I love the size, the colour, the saddle shape, the studs, everything! It’s in my dreams.

I don’t know why I insist once a year in dying my hair brown, I never, ever stick with it. I always go back to blonde within two months max. You’re a blonde Alex! Deal with it! So, clearly I’ll be going back to blonde at my appointment next Saturday. But I have really been having the urge to cut it. I’m really fickle when it comes to my hair, nothing ever makes me happy. I think a long bob would be so cute and fun, and it’s not that big of a change. These are the babes that are currently inspiring me.


Image, Image, Image



Back to nursing this sickness, being a baby and generally feeling sorry for myself. Writing this post actually took a lot out of me!

Date Night

My sister Gillian is a professional make up artist, and uber talented. I know I am biased, but I think her work is on another level. When she was 17 she moved from Edmonton to Vancouver to go to make up school and now she is back in Edmonton (and under my over protective gaze) and works freelance, you can book her through www.makeupbygillianml.wordpress.com

Last night when we were doing this tutorial we were talking about old make up mishaps and how we used to do ourselves up. I used to wear pink eye shadow all over my lid, but only to the crease, then add purple eye liner. Which is weird because now I am very allergic to any pink coloured shadows – my body totally rejected it.  Gilly talked about how she would put gold eyeshadow all over her lid then top that off with gold liquid liner. We were so stylish.

When I went on my first date with my now husband, I was really excited and I guess knew on some level it was going to be something special so I made my sister come over and do my makeup for me. Side note – if you can somehow wrangle a family member into being your personal makeup artist… very beneficial! Today that look is being recreated, or as much as we can remember because that was 4 years ago.

Give good face!

Start with your face clean and mosturized.

Blog Time 003

Honey, no.

So first we took MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation and cut it with a luminizer, we used Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer. Straight foundation can be heavy, especially in the summer. She used a moist blending sponge to apply, dabbing it all over my face and bringing it down my neck (very important!).

This is the blending sponge we used, you can get it anywhere.

Blog Time 005

For highlighting and concealing you want to choose a colour a few shades lighter then your skin but stick to one that matches your undertones. I’m yellow. Green based concealer erases red marks and orange conceals blue discolouration. Gilly swears by Benefit Erase Paste. Gently conceal any red marks and create a V shape under your eyes to conceal dark circles with that same sponge. Now blend baby blend!

Blog Time 008 To finish these first steps of the face, we used MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in medium and brushed it lightly all over my face with a big fluffy brush.

Now for bronzer. I used to be a bronzer freak. I would just take a big brush and bronze the crap out of my face, all over. Then I learned about the “diamond.” You may have heard of the phrase “don’t dirty the diamond” and these are words to live by. You don’t want to bronze all over your face because it’s not natural. You want to keep the bronzer in the natural diamond shape of your face where the sun would hit it. Stay away from the middle of your face because it can look dirty. We’re going to contour the nose and cheekbones anyway, so that will add more colour. So use a small fluffy brush to bronze your diamond, we used NYX Matte Bronzer in medium – stick with matte bronzers. Por Ejemplo……


Now ladies and gentlemen, the ever important contouring. Choose a colour that is darker than your natural skin tone and in the taupe family. We used MAC Harmony. Using an angled face brush (try MAC 168) apply under your cheekbone, blending as you go – you don’t want it to look like you have a stripe.

Blog Time 014

Learning to effectively contour will change your life!


My, what big ears I have. We also used this colour to contour my nose. Using a fluffy shadow brush Gilly went up and down the sides of my nose, blending out. You want to darken the sides and later highlight the bridge to thin. Blending is really the key here, you don’t want it obvious or you’ll look like Nikki Minaj.


Now take any old blush brush and focus your blush on the apples of your cheeks, don’t go up your cheekbone because we will highlight here. For highlighter we used Tiki by HardCandy, pop that on your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, centre of your forehead. Your face is ready!

Blog Time 016

Look Into my Eyes and You’ll Find Me.

Don’t put any concealer or foundation on your eye lids, use a primer, Gilly recommends Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original and apply it up to the crease.

Using a fluffy shadow brush (try MAC 217), we combined MAC Cork and MAC Brownscript, blend into the crease of the lid and up to the brow bone.

Blog Time 025

The light colour on my lash line is from the primer. Now we mixed MAC Mulch with a touch of MAC Espresso on a small fluffy eye brush to add a V into the corner of my eye, once you’ve added that darker V you want to blend like you’ve never blended before!

eye blend

Then we filled in the lid with Sephora Golden Girl. I really like the Sephora shadows, they are nice and pigmented and seriously affordable. Gilly then used a dark brown pencil liner to line my lower lash line, and went over that with the Cork colour using MAC brush 228 (a really small, dome shaped brush with round edges) to blend out that line you just made. Finish your eye with a highlighter in your tear ducts and brow bone, we love MAC Nylon, it’s a non-negotiable to have in your collection.

Blog Time 031

Of course, add mascara. I have tried lots of mascaras but I always go back to Lancome L’Extreme in black. I don’t know if it’s the brush or the formula or what but I won’t use anything else.

Finally, I’m obsessed with a strong eyebrow. When I see someone with really skinny brows I get sad. They completely define your face, even on the days I don’t wear make up I fill in my brows. I used a lighter colour when I was blond, now I have to use a darker brown and using a small stiff eyebrow brush I follow my natural brow shape. I tweeze those babies frequently to keep some kind of shape, but always, always fill them in to give more depth and colour. If your brows aren’t done, your face isn’t done.

Last but not least add some lip colour. Here we’re using Sephora Ultra Shine Gloss in Golden Scarlet. I’m not much of a lipstick wearer but I probably have over 50 lip glosses. It’s a sickness. Do you remember that Friends episode where Joey said he wore shiny raspberry lip gloss to make his lips irresistable to his dates?  Do that!

Now take me out!

date night

My husband was actually already asleep by the time this was all done (waa waaa), it takes a while to take pics at every step and record all that you’re doing! But now we can all recreate this look for date night! Good luck and have fun!

datenight final