Alex….at liberty.

As I went on my honeymoon just two short weeks ago, I spent a lot of time talking to my now husband about careers, life and passions. I couldn’t help but think about how, although I am so lucky to have a full time job in this shaky economy, I felt unfulfilled and as though there are parts of me I didn’t get to explore working as a nurse.  I have two university degrees, one a bachelor of arts in English and Sociology and one a bachelor of science in Nursing. You would think that after all this time in school I would be so thrilled to be working and not still searching for who I am and what I love. This blog will be my chance to connect with others who love fashion and beauty, who like to learn about health and fitness and share their own tips and tricks, and share my words and give me a creative outlet. Please come along in these adventures in health, style and happiness!