Eighties Child

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Leggings: ASOS

T-shirt: Zara

Jacket: Gentle Fawn (similar here)

Shoes: Bebe (no longer available)

Necklace: Stella&Dot (similar here)

I was definitely born in the eighties but I feel more like I grew up in the nineties, I went to junior high in the 90s and was 7 to 17 in that time. But I do remember certain things I was obsessed with during the eighties; really high side ponytails, coloured jeans (mostly red and purple), and wearing baggy t-shirts and tying them in a knot on my hip. Isn’t it funny how styles come full circle? I also remember loving the skip it – what a glorious toy. But who doesn’t look at the eighties fondly? Especially the music, it still makes it way onto my workout playlists. It is starting to get very chilly here at night, I feel like my outfit posts will soon see a drastic decline and delicious holiday baking posts will be showing up more and more. It is still really nice and sunny during the day and the colours of fall are so pretty. I hope you’re all having a great autumn!

Let’s Get Lost in Love

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Tuesday is cheap night at the movies, so my husband, myself and my dear friend Erin all went to see We’re the Millers. Really Hilarious. Totally fun movie if you want to relax and have an easy laugh, I love the dry humour that Jason Sudekis has. I always want to wear sweats or lululemons when I go to a movie, but I have been working so much so I ‘m always in scrubs and I thought it would be nice to at least pull it together a bit and wear jeans. These are my absolute favourite skinny jeans, their only downfall is that if you sit in them for a long time they stretch. But they are really comfortable and I have a big bum and they seem to accomodate that. I love tees that are on the looser side and have a cute message, they are great for shorts or skinny jeans, Target always has lots. And I always choose wedges for casual nights because they are so comfy.

Top: Target

Jeans: JOE’S

Watch: Michael Kors

Shoes: Call it Spring (They are on major sale now!)

I hope you all had a great week!