Fall Wreath

september 09 049

I know we all love summer and summer is so amazing, the sun, the heat, the activities – I totally get it. But I am really looking forward to fall! Fall here is fleeting, we quickly have to hunker down for 7 months of burtal winter so we have to make the most of it. I am in love with all the things fall brings; sweaters, boots, pumpkin, colourful leaves, cool evenings, fall crafts and I’m so excited for all the fall baking I could cry! My first project to welcome Fall is this wreath! I was inspired by a wreath I saw on pinterest and then went to town buying out Michaels in preparation. It is so simple to do and underneath all the pretty stuff is mostly just a pound of glue. I usually do a wreath every fall, spring and Christmas but the fall one is always my favourite. I like doing seasonal wreaths because you can be so creative and do basically whatever you want.

september 09 029

Get all your supplies ready, and lay down the newspaper like your Mom used to do every time you wanted to craft as a kid! The only slightly tough parts for this wreath were the wooden letter and the burlap bow. Paint your letter first before you do any of the wreath. I did basic orange as the base (two coats) then dotted the yellow with a small, rounded sponge.

september 09 048 collage

Any all surface acrylic paint will do. I let it fully dry between coats and before dabbing the yellow and adding it to the wreath. The only other part that was a little challenging was the burlap bow. I tied it so it was in a double bow and left a long tail which I ended up cutting shorter when I was planning out the flower placement. I tied the bow with a brown pipecleaner and glued a flower on top to camouflage that.

bow camouflage

Once I had the bow secured on I went to work on the flower placement. There is really no trick to their placement I just lay them all out before I glue them in so I can try different patterns. I honestly glue the crap out of the “stems” of the flowers and squish them in between the branches of the wreath.

september 09 035

september 09 036

Do whatever kind of combo you like, I added the wooden M last once all the paint was dried and used a ton of hot glue to get it secure. You`re ready to welcome fall to your front door! Good Luck!

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