Fitness Fanatics

Around this time last year as I was training for my first marathon, I was in a bad accident and suffered a brain injury. I was in the hospital for some time and literally thisclose to having brain surgery and was told by my doctors how lucky I was and that being in good health really helped me avoid having to get a crainiotomy. Now I will never take advantage of my health and will forever lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. I’ve always been an active person, I have been horsebackriding since I was ten, a competitive swimmer and now I am passionate about running.

Here are some of my favourite types of activity you can do quickly and easily on a daily basis. I wish I could include riding and show jumping, but that is a complete lifestyle and financial commitment and just not for everyone. These are daily workouts I love and you can do so we can all lead balanced and active lives! Look good and feel great!



The road to being a strong runner has been long for me. When I first started running I could only run for 7 minutes, now I can run for hours. The thing that helped me get better was interval running. Start with run for one minute, walk for one minute, then build up to longer and longer running. If your goal is to run a 5k, 10k, or marathon really try to run outside as much as you can. While running on the treadmill is a great cardiovascular workout, running outside is way harder with different terrain and against the elements and if you want to do a race you have to train outside. Make sure to take rest days; if you’re interested in being a frequent runner then try to supplement your runs with strength training, rest days and a day of very light cardio weekly. I am the absolute worse for this, but we have to STRETCH! I hate doing it, I find it so boring and I always regret it the next day when I’m so sore. Running is hard on the body so we gotta treat it right.



When I first went to University at twenty (10 years ago, omg) I way scaled back on the competitive riding to focus on school and it was years of financial stress on my family. At this time I got interested in pilates. It changed my body drastically. From riding for so long I had a lot of bulky muscles and carried some extra weight, pilates leaned me out so much. Whenever I know I am going to be in a bikini I’m all about the pilates. It helps so much with posture and flexibilty, coordination and brings me the anxiety relief of yoga but what I find to be a more intense workout and I enjoy it way more. Although you can do both floor and machine based movements I prefer floor. Most pilates studios are pricey, so get some videos and do it in your living room! Try Winsor Pilates, I’ve used these videos and enjoyed them.

Strength Training


I won’t pretend to know a lot about strength and weight training, I work out with a trainer, but I will tell you it makes me feel good, look good and feel more accomplished every time I lift more. I have always loved the look of a fit body more than a skinny body (think Britney Spears in the  I’m a Slave 4U era) and weight and strength training does the trick for me. Sometimes I want to cry and throw up during my workouts but it’s worth it. Weight training has a profound effect on metabolism, it will quicken immensly if you incorporate it into your cardio workouts. Strength training burns calories long after the workout is done, up to about 100 in the next 24 hours. If you are local (Edmonton area), please feel free to contact my trainer Justin of Cross Conditioning, he is great and works with you, doesn’t knock you down. By far the best trainer I have had.

I love learning about new and different workouts and discussing what works and doesn’t work for me. It’s so hard to make the commitment to change your life, but once you start it just becomes part of the routine – soon it will feel weird not to work out. Please share with me what workouts you love! Next time food and diet will be up for discussion – the hardest part for a sweet tooth like me!

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