Paris is for lovers! Part five…

Last few days of the trip! It’s so nice to look back over all the photos for these posts, we took over 800. Since it was the two of us there are a lot of selfies! I want to develop quite a few of them and put them in a nice album. Now that we do everything online, I feel like we’re losing the fun of looking through albums. Lately I have been developing hundreds of pics.

The second last day we went to this great cafe called L’atelier where we sat outside for breakfast in gorgeous weather.

Paris 2014 659

Paris 2014 652

Pain au chocolat and cappuccino!

Paris 2014 654

I just loved the decor inside the restaurant, it was so charming and picturesque.

Paris 2014 657

Then we hopped on the bikes and took a long ride to visit the Shakespeare and Company Bookstore, I had been so looking forward to this visit. Shakespeare and Company is an English language bookstore open in 1919 and it was a gathering place for Ezra Pound, Ernest Hemingway and James Joyce. Today it sells new and used books and writers still come from around the world to write there, they stay in the bookstore on cots and just write all day and night. I am a big reader and my first degree was in English so I loved visiting this store. I wish you could take pictures inside so you could see how unique and charming it is.

Paris 2014 664

Paris 2014 665

Paris 2014 667

There are so many side streets in Paris, every time you turn off one street you’re on another cobblestone side street full of cafes, shops and apartments. Just down the road from the bookstore was a street with a couple small cafes so we stopped for a glass of wine and dessert – we ate so much dessert on this trip! The place we went to was called The Tea Caddy, and even though the name of the cafe was English the staff did not speak a word! I pulled out the trusty phrasebook and dictionary and really had to rely on the French I could remember.

Paris 2014 672

This little street was right near Notre Dame.

Paris 2014 674

We then did a long bike ride around the city (to attempt to burn off some of the dessert) and went back for a day time visit to the Eiffel Tower. It was jammed!

Paris 2014 680

Paris 2014 686

This is one of my favourite pictures of the trip, definitely a framer.

That night we went to a restaurant we had been looking forward to for a few days. It was in the same building as the apartment we rented and in the airbnb page for the apartment, the restaurant was really well reviewed. Walking by it literally looks like a whole in the wall but when you go in it’s really sweet and is all fine dining, called Le Parc aux Cerfs. The food was the best we had the whole trip, my husband had the veal and said it was the best meal he’s ever had in his life.

Paris 2014 693

Paris 2014 697

We had quite a bit of wine there too! We then went across the street to Cafe Cubana, a bar/salsa club/cigar bar. The server only spoke Spanish and apparently when I’ve been drinking my University Spanish comes back to me! That night I spoke English, French and Spanish, first and probably last time I’ll ever be able to! I’m in love this red dress I wore that night.

Paris 2014 701

Paris 2014 704

Paris 2014 705

The next day was our last day! So bittersweet. We spent the day as real tourists, biking around the city, taking a boat tour down the Seine, going to Moulin Rouge and Montmarte, and exploring the architecture we hadn’t yet seen. It was the only cold day of the whole trip. By this point we had been biking so much that I felt like I was doing multiple spin classes a day, so at every hill I just got off and walked it up – I got really lazy.

Paris 2014 720

Montmarte cemetery. Jim Morrison, Leon Foucault, Olga Preobrajenska and many other famous names are buried here.

Paris 2014 725

Moulin Rouge

Paris 2014 730

This area is pretty sketchy, I probably won’t stay in Montmarte when I go to Paris again.

Paris 2014 732

Paris 2014 731

Paris 2014 754

Boat tour down the Seine, it’s a great way to see Paris from a different perspective and go by the things you may not have had time to see.

Paris 2014 758

Paris 2014 765


Paris 2014 768

Paris 2014 816

Paris 2014 797

Paris 2014 818

Paris 2014 828

We finished the day with one last trip to the Luxembourg Garden, it’s so beautiful there.

Paris 2014 839

Paris 2014 832

Paris 2014 840

Thanks for everything Paris! Until next time!

Paris 2014 714

Our Little Mickey

image image image image image image image image image image image

ImageAnyone who knows me at all or reads this blog knows that I am 100% prime time in love with our dog, Mickey. He is a 4 year old boxer that we have had since a puppy, walked in our wedding and is just a joy to be around and have in our family. We just got the heartbreaking news yesterday that Mickey has terminal lymphoma. We are devastated. We have decided to treat it with steroids in an attempt to put it into remission and prolong his life. We did some research into our options, talked to our vet and thought long and hard and decided not to go the chemo route. He has been on steroids before for other issues and he responded well, so we are hoping for the best.

I think the hardest part for me right now is that he is so young, and knowing we’ll have to say goodbye so much sooner than we ever imagined.

I couldn’t even dream of having a better dog. He is so sweet, loyal, hilarious and unique. He knows when I need a cuddle and loves to go on runs. I would always say to him that he is an “actual angel” and now I really do think that’s true.

When we first saw pictures of his litter he was one of very few of his brothers and sisters that was looking at the camera. Without even meeting him in person we knew he was the one. He was the runt of his litter and his face was just the cutest thing we had ever seen.

We want to spend his remaining days loving him and trying to give back even a little of the immense amount of joy he has given us. He is just overall a good dog, we couldn’t have wished for anything more. He is my snuggler, my comedian, my workout buddy and my daily joy. I must have done something amazingĀ in my previous life to get Mickey in this life. My hope now is that when it is his time to go he knows how much he is loved and how much happiness he brought to our lives everyday.

“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.” – unknown