“Man, I really like Vegas.” part 2

As this was such a long trip to sin city, it is no surprise that this trip has to span across two blog posts. And honestly, I could talk about my adventures in Vegas all day.  The third day with our friends, we wanted to try a party pool so we went to Bare at the Mirage. It was just ok, and definitely a different experience when going with husbands than with a group of girls! Really expensive and not really worth it. We soon moved over to the main pool at the Mirage and enjoyed relaxing in the pool and eating a big mid afternoon lunch poolside that we got from California Pizza Kitchen – they have awesome tortilla soup!

FullSizeRender (2)


IMG_7847After this hot and sunny pool day we had plans for dinner and a show. We had a really casual dinner and then stopped by the Las Vegas sign for a photo op. After some drinks and gambling (and losing!) at Mandalay Bay we saw the Michael Jackson ONE Cirque du Soleil and it was fab! We had great seats and the dancing is amazing. We finished the night with some late night pizza at Pin Up Pizza!




Vegas has such an unlimited supply of unique picture spots. I’m obsessed with the shoes I was wearing that night, I got them in San Francisco when I was there a few months ago. Although, my feet were pretty sore after a whole night in them.

The next day was Ryan and Lisa’s last full day so we spent the whole day at the pool, sipping on their skinny strawberry splash cocktails  (a few pitchers truth be told) and soaking up the sun.



Once we had our fill of the sun for the day, we went up for a little nap and got ready for a casual night on the strip. I know this is really embarrassing and kind of tacky but every time I go to Vegas I have to eat at the Cheesecake Factory! It’s soooooo good and we don’t have it in Canada. The menu is basically novel sized and they have this Luau salad that I am obsessed with, I get it every time. We did some shopping at forum shops, ate dinner at cheesecake factory, went on the New York roller coaster (every time I go on that ride I’m sure it’s one away from falling right off the track) and basically just strolled the strip doing the touristy things. We ended up at the Wynn and had some drinks at the Parasol Down patio where they do these bizarre but really entertaining waterfall shows.



Ryan and Lisa were on an evening flight the next day so we had the whole day of fun! They and my husband Ryan wanted to try Shake Shack which is supposed to have the best burgers in the world or something. Burgers and fries aren’t really my weakness, I could take it or leave it. I’m more of a candy girl, or movie popcorn! They all thought the food was awesome, I had the shack-cago dog with a chicken hot dog instead of beef and it was ok. We also had our first ever experience at PinkBerry that day which I also thought was just alright. I guess Americans have their fast food that they swear by and we have ours.



They seem to have really tried to revitalize the area around New York New York and Monte Carlo. New restaurants, the facades on both hotels look new and updated, they have removed some of the dated décor. Maybe it’s making a comeback! But Vdara remains my favourite.


We finished the day off before they had to head to the airport with drinks and snacks at the lounge Vice Versa at Vdara. Ryan and I had reservations at Mandarin Bar at Mandarin Oriental that evening, a hotel neither of us had ever even been in. It’s kind of hidden and I don’t think it has a casino, it’s part of city centre and super luxe. Mandarin Bar is on the 23rd floor and the views are amazing. I drank their champagne cocktails and it was worth the hefty price tag, that’s for sure.


We spent a little time exploring the hotel and they have so many gorgeous details. We went down a hallway that leads to a restaurant (that was unfortunately under construction when we were there) and the whole walk was lined with silk butterflies hanging from the ceiling.


We were pretty tired that evening and did a little gambling and got some treats at one of the many chocolate shops available and hit the hay!

Ryan and my last full day consisted of a lot of rest and relaxation, a morning work out (believe it or not!) and more pool time. I would do anything to be back beside that pool, as I type this the leave are literally turning colour before my eyes. We had a reservation to eat at Todd English’s Olives at the Bellagio that night. I had been once before with my girlfriend Erin and the food was great, but we sat inside. My mission was to go and get on the waiting list for the patio because you are basically sitting on the fountain, which you also get to see from the back side instead of from the strip. We got a seat on the patio and it was hot (Vegas in July!) but totally worth it. The food was great, company was perfect and I loved seeing the fountains from that angle.


I was waiting the whole trip to wear the skirt I wore that night. But you guys, I realized after when I was looking at the pictures that I had it on sideways! You can totally see the seam! Complete moron.



That’s the wrap up of my fabulous Vegas trip number…. who knows! Can’t wait to head back as soon as possible.










That’s What You Get For Waking Up in Vegas!

I just got home from a 6 day trip to Las Vegas, it was a blast! I spent the first 3 days with my girlfriend Erin then my husband came and I spent the next three days with him. Some of the best things we did were get a cabana at the Vdara pool, see Britney Spears (!!!!), go to the Beatles LOVE, of course shopping and going to eat at amazing restaurants like Stack at the Mirage, Hecho en Vegas at MGM, Olives at Bellagio, my all time breakfast fav Peppermill, Nobu at Caesar’s Palace and Portofino also at Mirage. I usually start thinking about my Vegas outfits weeks before going and here are the results!

The night we got there we went to eat at Nobu, did some gambling, had some drinks and walked the strip.

Vegas 2014 outfits 001

Vegas 2014 outfits 003

Vegas 2014 outfits 004

Shorts: Express (similar)

Tank: Club Monaco

Shoes: Aldo (on sale!)

Necklace: Stella & Dot

Bag: Louis Vuitton

We spent the 2nd day having breakfast at Peppermill (if you have never been, go! It’s so hilarious and old Vegas and the servings are enromous!), shopping and drinking wine. Then went to dinner at Stack and went out to Tao, and ended up at the Wynn trying to learn how to play craps (not very successfully).

Vegas 2014 outfits 005

Vegas 2014 outfits 007

Vegas 2014 outfits 008

Dress: Zara (similar)

Belt: H&M

Shoes: Aldo

This day we spent the day at the pool, in a cabana at Vdara. It was so nice having the cabana, completely worth the money. Then we went to dinner at Todd English’s Olives and saw BRITNEY!

Vegas 2014 outfits 010

Vegas 2014 outfits 011

Vegas 2014 outfits 012

Vegas 2014 outfits 014

Skirt: Express

Tank: Mossimo

Shoes: Aldo (similar)

Necklace: Stella & Dot

Clutch: Lola (similar)

Last but not least, spent the day by the pool again, but this time at the MGM, did a bit more shopping then Erin had to head home 😦 .I went to dinner with my hubby and some other friends at Hecho in the MGM.

Vegas 2014 outfits 059  Vegas 2014 outfits 061

Vegas 2014 outfits 060

Top: H&M

Pants: Topshop

Bag: H&M (similar)

Shoes: Aldo

I spent the next few days relaxing pool side with my hubby, eating delicious food and seeing LOVE at the Mirage. I always love Vegas but I am really ready for a couple good nights sleep!