Fall Cravings

As much as I like to  hold onto my flip flops until there is a foot of snow, one of the great things about the cooler weather is changing up the wardrobe. Sweaters, boots, and mittens oh my! My husband and I just bought a new house and we’re moving in a week, this also makes me want to change up my style – I’ve got fall cravings for clothes, decor and food! These are a few of my favourite things!

Loving this festive Fairisle sweat from ASOS.


I’ve always been an UGGS girl for these ridiculous winters we get here, but this year I’m going for these Sorels. I think they will be really cute with leggings and skinny jeans.


Speaking of jeans I also want to get a new pair of dark denim skinnies for the winter. The last couple pairs I bought seem to stretch out badly after one wear so I think I might try to go a size down this time and suffer with too tight jeans for the first few hours and then hopefully they’ll end up being perfect. I’ve got my eye on these J Brand skinnies, I have never owned a pair of J Brand jeans, I usually go for Hudsons or True Religions, and J Brand ships to Canada now so I’m excited for them.


My girlfriend Lindsy is doing a Stella and Dot party this month so I am looking for something that would be good for a Christmas party, maybe with a black dress. Right now my favourites are this Oslo necklace…


and this Kahlo bracelet.


I always buy a lot of dresses in the spring and summer because of all the great colours and prints, but most don’t translate to fall and winter even with tights. So in winter I prefer to wear a lot of sweater dresses which are so cozy. Right now I’m into this Free People dress that I think would be really cute with black tights and booties.


And I love this one for snuggling.


Of course Fall brings out so many pairs of glorious boots! I feel that I need a new short pair like these little cutes from Aldo,


and a tall pair, equestrian style, from Michael Kors that I’m lusting over.


Anyone who knows me knows I am handbag crazy so every season I’m yearning for a new one. Right now I am all over this Celine. I know this style has been out for a while but the caramel colour is new and the bag keeps appearing in my dreams! So gorgeous.


I know its like blasphemy and everyone thinks I’m crazy but I don’t really like pumpkin spice lattes. They’re soooo sweet! Even when I order it 1/2 sweet I still can’t take it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to do tons of pumpkin baking. In the next month I want to try black bean pumpkin soup, pumpkin spice mini donuts, pumpkin french toast bake and I want to try oreo pumpkin puppy chow for our Halloween Housewarming Party because it’s black and orange. I made a maple pear pie for one of our thanksgiving dinners which was a hit with my family but I wasn’t in love. I also made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that I took to work and they were gone pretty fast. My husband’s birthday is next week so I have to start brainstorming for his bday dinner, he is a steak and potatoes kind of guy so please let me know if you have any unique ideas. I’m going to bring out our wedding china for the first time to serve it with.

I know we are super Disney geeks but I am dying to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney World! They just do such a good job during the holidays there and all the pictures I’ve seen online it looks so fun and festive! They have so many fun events and amazing decor. I keep dropping hints to my husband that we should go but it’s already October 14 so I don’t think it’s happening!


I hope everyone is enjoying the season, bundle up!

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!

Last night I went out with my husband, his friend and a good friend of mine. It is such a rare occasion that I actually “go out,” normally I just want to go to dinner or a movie and then home, I am such a homebody. But it was fun to actually go out, get dressed up and kiss those last days of summer goodbye, and I did have a good time! We went to a lounge/restaurant type thing first, then to a nightclub – did I ever feel old. And look it! I literally said to my friend “none of these people have a single wrinkle.” Sad old Al! This is basically my default outfit for going out. Shorts, heels and some sort of blousey top. I would live in shorts if I could, as soon as it’s close to warm enough I wear them. I don’t know what it is, they’re comfortable and so versatile!

September 15, 2013 002

September 15, 2013 003

September 15, 2013 008

September 15, 2013 005

September 15, 2013 007

September 15, 2013 010

September 15, 2013 011

I’m glad I can still get my hair into a big bun with this new cut, I think I am going to go quite a bit blonder at my next appointment if I can. My biggest priority is keeping it healthy though, otherwise cutting so much off was pointless, so the blonding will probably have to be in stages. I’m off to go on a run then make an apple crumble to take to a dinner tonight. Happy Sunday!

Bag: Dior

Shoes: Yves St. Laurent (similar)

Shorts: Lux at Urban Outfitters


Bracelet: Aldo Accessories (so good for fun accessories that aren’t pricey)

Ramblings of a Sick Person

I have been seriously under the weather the last few days. Nauseous, throwing up, dizzy, shaky, headaches – the works. There are a few things that make me feel better when I am sick, or at least mentally they make me feel better!

Hot Chocolate


But obviously with a thousand more marshmallows. I usually don’t even drink all the hot chocolate, I just eat all the hot chocolate soaked marshmallows and what’s around those. Once the marshmallows are done, I’m done with the drink.

Archie Comics



There is nothing like an Archie Comic. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t read them. When my sister and I were little our Dad would take us to the Wee Book Inn and we would trade all our Archies for ones we hadn’t read. Whenever I am having a bad day and feeling sorry for myself, I buy an Archie Comic. Betty and Veronica Double Digest is obviously the best. I know I’m thirty years old but they just make me feel good. I will force them on my own children for sure.

Shopping Online

This is especially fun because you can do it sitting on your ass in sweatpants, and you don’t have to talk to any sales people or try anything on when you feel crappy. Sweatpants are up there with things that make me feel better as well. I am starting a new job in a week and a half (really excited!) and it’s business casual. I have a lot of dresses and skirts that would be appropriate but I will still be doing a lot of skills (this new job is in home care) so pants are definitely in order. I’ve been browsing a lot of that kind of work stuff, but mostly bags, shoes and accessories I really can’t afford right now! Some of my fav sites are shopbop.com, revolveclothing.com, saks.com, asos.com and I think I’m on neimanmarcus.com in this pic. Did you know Saks is coming to Canada? The Bay bought it.



I really can’t remember a time when I didn’t get migraines, I’m just really prone to them. When I was going through puberty I would get them once a month. Anyone who gets them knows there is nothing like the pain of a migraine. Usually when I get sick a migraine comes along with it, and yesterday was one of those days. I get really, really bad and intense aura before the pain comes and sometimes I think that is worse then the actual headache. It starts out as a kaleidoscope effect in my right eye and gets bigger and bigger until I basically lose all my vision in that eye and part of my left. I get really confused and I just become so out of it.


The only thing I have found that ever truly works for me to get rid of a migraine is this analgesic called Mersyndol. It’s got codeine in it and I’m pretty sure it’s part muscle relaxant part pain killer. It knocks me out almost immediately, but when I wake up the migraine is gone. I haven’t found anything else that can get rid of it. Yesterday I took one and slept for three and a half hours. The last few times I have had a migraine I’ve been getting this pre aura aura. Like I get this weird sensation an hour before that something is wrong, and a wave of like, sheer panic. Is that prodrome? Has that ever happened to anyone other migraine sufferers out there? Thoughts?

On a happier note, I have a couple current obsessions.



I don’t know where this stuff came from or what it’s deal is, but I LOVE it! I got it for $2.50 at Save on Foods (that only got me two applications though).  It’s a deep conditioner, and since I wash my hair so infrequently I almost always deep condition. Just make sure to really rinse or you wil have issues with build up. This made my hair really soft and managable, and smells good. I would definitely recommend.



I used to really dislike Victoria’s Secret lotions. I thought there were cheap and not moisturizing. But I tried their ultra mosturizing ones and they are nice and thick and lock in moisture. I don’t know if these are new or I just discovered them but I’m sold. This Grapefruit and Red Lily is my current favourite. They also have a Lemon Escape scent that I am a fan of, but I love citrusy smelling lotions.



IN LOVE!!! This is Chloe’s Marcie Medium Stud. I love the size, the colour, the saddle shape, the studs, everything! It’s in my dreams.

I don’t know why I insist once a year in dying my hair brown, I never, ever stick with it. I always go back to blonde within two months max. You’re a blonde Alex! Deal with it! So, clearly I’ll be going back to blonde at my appointment next Saturday. But I have really been having the urge to cut it. I’m really fickle when it comes to my hair, nothing ever makes me happy. I think a long bob would be so cute and fun, and it’s not that big of a change. These are the babes that are currently inspiring me.


Image, Image, Image



Back to nursing this sickness, being a baby and generally feeling sorry for myself. Writing this post actually took a lot out of me!