Ooh Las Vegas

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a deep and ever lasting love for Las Vegas! When a very good friend of mine who I have known since I was 12 decided to have her stagette in Vegas I knew that I had to be there! Unfortunately I had to miss the first night of the party because of work, but an added bonus was my husband came to Vegas when all the girl’s were heading home and we stayed a few days to relax and get in some quality pool time. I love planning my outfits for each trip I take there – but first the fun stuff!

That night we went to STK at Cosmopolitan for dinner, went to Marquee for a while and ended up at XS in the Wynn which was pretty crazy and packed because David Guetta was playing there that night.

A motley crew of characters!



Bit of a long sleeve lace trend we were feeling!


My little bride to be!


The next morning I was definitely not feeling my best, I seriously over did it the night before. Luckily the next night was much more laid back, we went to dinner and did some gambling.


Drink for 8 at Peppermill!


Just busy losing all our money!


My husband Ryan arrived early the next morning and since I was feeling much better that morning we went straight to breakfast and then to the pool at Vdara. Sadly, I had to say goodbye to my bridal wonder Leigh Ann that morning as she was heading home, but her wedding is next month in Paso Robles California.

I love the pool at Vdara, it’s so chill with great cabanas. Ryan and I rented day beds each day we were there and it was so glorious. Even though it’s starting to feel like spring at home, there is nothing like hot pool weather to lay out and relax all day.


That night we went to dinner and to the cigar bar Casa Fuente at Caesar’s for a few drinks and a cigar for Ryan. I got this jacket that I love around Christmas and I haven’t had a chance to wear it until now, I think I like it even more now that I have seen it in pictures.






Love my hubby!


Horse and sparkle, what a glorious combination!


We had our final pool day, so relaxing. The pool time on this trip was some of the best I have ever had in Vegas.


We had a really relaxed last night. We went to dinner at Wicked Spoon, which is the buffet at Cosmopolitan – where dinner comes with bottomless wine, now we’re talking! We did some gambling at Cromwell and lost every hand we played!


The Cosmo has so many great spots to take pictures.





I wish I was still there, soaking up the sun but Vegas took all my money!

Dinner at Eight

It can be tough to get a group of friends together when everyone is so busy and has such different schedules. My husband and I are really lucky that we have lots of couple friends that make up a big group to hang out with. Although there were only 6 of us last night it was so nice to hang out and eat tons of sushi! Plus I bought this new jacket I am obsessed with so it was a perfect excuse to wear it! And of course I buy any top I find that has Mickey or Minnie on it!

March 22, 2014 032

March 22, 2014 046

March 22, 2014 037

March 22, 2014 027

March 22, 2014 035

March 22, 2014 047

March 22, 2014 049


March 22, 2014 045

Looking at these pictures and seeing how much snow we got in late March makes me so sad! I can’t wait for summer. I want to wear shorts and sandals! Have a great weekend everyone!



Eighties Child

september 25,2013 022 september 25,2013 014

september 25,2013 023 september 25,2013 024 september 25,2013 019

september 25,2013 052 september 25,2013 041 september 25,2013 035 september 25,2013 030

Leggings: ASOS

T-shirt: Zara

Jacket: Gentle Fawn (similar here)

Shoes: Bebe (no longer available)

Necklace: Stella&Dot (similar here)

I was definitely born in the eighties but I feel more like I grew up in the nineties, I went to junior high in the 90s and was 7 to 17 in that time. But I do remember certain things I was obsessed with during the eighties; really high side ponytails, coloured jeans (mostly red and purple), and wearing baggy t-shirts and tying them in a knot on my hip. Isn’t it funny how styles come full circle? I also remember loving the skip it – what a glorious toy. But who doesn’t look at the eighties fondly? Especially the music, it still makes it way onto my workout playlists. It is starting to get very chilly here at night, I feel like my outfit posts will soon see a drastic decline and delicious holiday baking posts will be showing up more and more. It is still really nice and sunny during the day and the colours of fall are so pretty. I hope you’re all having a great autumn!